Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Home for the Holidays: Dinosaurs in Space

Though I thought I'd be working this week, my inability to read a calendar means babysitters are all lined up for next week... When the kids are back in school.

Yesterday we took down decorations so we can head to Houston later this week with no to do list back home.

Today was a surprise day off and we've taken advantage by inventing the funnest of afternoons.

We've built a spaceship to take us to the moon where we're searching for the elusive human-eating black whale! He naps almost all the time until he smells humans and that wakes him up!

Zayd designed almost all of this so far and was pretty territorial at the beginning. By the end, they were an astronaut duo protecting stegosaurs in space. He even let her make zig-zags on his space ship. (Zig-zags are apparently the most offensive of shapes when you feel you've mastered all the letters and numbers.) And Zahra got to commandeer a few solo missions as well. The best news is that Zahra now feels that she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up (her only other answer ever had been "leopard").

He even said, "I don't want another brother or sister, I just want you." Welp, fear not kids. This baby won't be your peer for years to come. Then you can tell me what a disappointment the "baby" is. :)

Now we're of to the library to get some books on the moon. Happy holidays to everyone!

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