Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween 2014 featuring Toddlers and Waddlers

This Halloween was much like the three before except Zayd and Zahra let me paint their faces. That lasted all of about three minutes, but its the thought that counts.

All I can say is that I have two dynamic amazing kids. Seeing these photos makes me swoon. I am so lucky to be so in love.

Beyond that, truly, this neighborhood is awesome. We have made such an amazing life for ourselves here in Mahncke Park. It is one I can't bear to part with. The grass just isn't greener anywhere else. (Drought notwithstanding.)

Because it bears some mention, Zayd and Zahra wanted to be Robin Hood and Prince John from Disney's the Robin Hood. Thus, Zayd is a fox AND Robin Hood and Zahra is a lion AND a prince. Goodness. I know. Everyone said he was a very cute Peter Pan. :)

And check out these neighbors. A-dorbs.

And here is about 1/5 of our Toddlers and Waddlers trick or treat parade. Don't you wish we came a-knocking on your door?

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