Sunday, November 9, 2014

Back in business!

This house is happy, healthy, and well after what felt like forever but was actually a week of the "Big Sick".

I love seeing Zayd back into full play mode versus watch Muppets and cough up a lung mode. (I should say we are at play and cough mode, actually, but why taint what is DEFINITELY progress.) More than anything, I feel he has emerged from this "mono" with a new creative spirit that is taking his Legos all around the world and back. Each of these little creations has a name ("Subturboship" was my favorite) and a purpose ("get badguys" is popular).

This weekend, I happily completed a one hour Occupational Therapy intake interview about Zayd and they asked me about 100 questions about this little lentil. I knew most of them but after yesterday, I think I missed one big one. "How long can Zayd play independently?" I said 15 minutes. Um, no, not this new Zayd. Not the Zayd that is just so happy to be able to make voices and robot noises and sound effects. He played all morning with very little guidance and just a little bit of audience neediness. :)

Can you spot the rocketship that shoots for the stars with two turbo engines? What about the main badguys house with flames on top?

While Zayd is busy building, Zahra turned the Lego box into a boat, a hat, and a robot face. Here she is emerging from it. Thank goodness my children never grow! They can still fit into all of their toys.

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