Monday, December 2, 2013

Breakaway from it all, like a Norwegian!

There are one thousand things I would like to write about this, but I will keep it short so I can get some sleep!

Miniature golf at sea!

It took these two an easy 10 minutes to play each game. And they never made a single ball in. But they sure had a blast! I think they believe the game is pushing it up the ramp and catching it on the return.

Zahra's first cupcake. It was a take no prisoners approach.

And her first blue M&M.

This is what happens when Zahra finds her way into the sugar dump trucks construction site!

More ropes course!

It turns out Zayd doesn't like it when Mommy climbs across the sky on teeny tiny tight ropes!

The two loveliest of ladies.

Music class onboard for the Under 2 Zoo.

The view from our balcony when we first got onboard!

How Sam got around when I was doing convention activities. This is not mommy-approved.

Balloon animals class. A family favorite!

Our ride to JFK.

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