Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Devine Acre Farms - The Third Annual Mammen Family Christmas Tree Cutting

Traditions. Let's spend a minute here before we delve into our wonderful little outing. It turns out traditions are created by a lot of hard work and sacrifice from the parents. Traditions aren't easy, you don't build family legacy and memories by doing what is convenient. We *almost* buckled under the pressure of the holiday season/bathroom remodel season/Mammen Ladies Birthday Season and bought a tree at HEB. "We don't have time" to drive all the way out to Devine just to get a tree that is cheaper in Alamo Heights. Except we do. And I am glad we realized that before we made a mistake and came home with just any old tree. We got our Mammen Family Tree from Devine Acre Farms just like last year, and the year before that.

Removing our 1" ring that we keep year after year. Some year I will do something from Pinterest with them.

Zahra likes it here.

Zayd likes it so much he knocked me over. That is my boot. And my bottom is in a briar of pickers.

And THEN Zayd found a STICK IN. OUR. TREE. It was possibliy his highlight of the outing.

Our chariot is arriving!

Then ten minutes of dump trucks in the dark before the tractor man hollered, "We're closin', y'all!"

And Here is a photo from last year: 

And some others I just realized I never posted last year. Yay for retroactively editing things!


  1. Ahhh, Tahira, you have such an amazing and beautiful family. Love love love following your blog!

  2. These are such beautiful pictures of my favorite little family!!