Thursday, May 5, 2016

Special Girl's Day!!

Last week, I promised the world's cutest little lady that we would have a girls day just for us.

How would Zahra plan an afternoon that's all for her? Shoe shopping, cupcakes, and a visit (her first) to the "nail place". I was actually shocked at just how girly our girls day would be.

That being said, she was the best company. We had a fabulous time. i can't even believe how lucky I am that we have our entire lives to shop together and get pedicures!! (The only thing better will be to bring Nani along!)

First, she had to pick some flowers for me.
Then we successfully found fun & funky play shoes at Whole Earth. We celebrated with a cookie sandwich from bird bakery. And then relaxed why getting our toesies painted. Next time, maybe we'll go for a full pedicure experience!

At the end of this special day, Zahra received her first-ever flowers in the mail from Nani!! Love having a three generation girls day; we can plan a live and in person version for next time.

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