Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Zahra's Number Themed Fete!

Honestly, I can't understand why I can't get their birthday posts up on time! I think I nearly kill myself getting the parties together, then flake in the documenting. Let's face it, the documenting is likely more important than the party, so this has got to stop! Next month is Zayd's party. I can do it!

Number 2 piƱata! Easy! Walmart self these online!

In my experience, second birthday parties are incomplete without a sensory bin. I thought I'd learned my lesson with Zayd's sushi rice bin circa 2013 - though the kids loved it, it's impossible to pick up wayward grains of rice. So, I went the pinto bean route and developed a little game where kids could count beans and put then into numbered Easter eggs. But, mostly, really, they just dug in and ended up with beans everywhere.

Two months later, I will tell you one way in which rice was better: when you give up and sweep it into the grass, it doesn't grow little rice plants... all over your yard. The kids have learned a little about the ways of plants though since they decided to plant beans in the flower boxes of their club house outside.

We topped the cupcakes with Trader Joe's Schoolhouse Shortbread cookies. Each kid got to pick their age!

More sensory stuff plus counting! It was hard to get the kids to sit and do this. In hindsight, this would have been better as a take home in their goody bags.
Some number stuff from Oriental Trading.

it was a great party that we shared with great neighbors. Zahra had a wonderful time and I got to celebrate my favorite little girl and numbers. Who could ask for anything more?

P.S. Because I'm nuts, we hosted this party approximately three hours after I finished my first half marathon. I'm thinking of doing Zayd's party six days after my second. #youliveyoulearn

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