Friday, June 13, 2014

Tea is Sweet

The morning went something like this.
"Zayd come look at these pictures of your new baby cousin."
"He is so cute. Let's go see him and Bri Bri!"
"I was thinking about it but we'd have to go to Nani and Nana's house."
"I'm ready!"
"Well, let's make a plan. We need to pack, go to the gym, eat, and get a present."
"For who?" (Hoping it's for him.)
"For the new baby, Dominic. I was thinking we could go to the cloth diaper store and see what they have."
"He probably wants a toy."
"Babies don't really play with toys yet. I was thinking we could go to the store and look for something sweet."
"I know! We can get him some tea. Tea is sweet. I love tea. Let's go!"
"Its 7a.m., Zu. But soon."

I'm packing now while the kids entertain themselves. Can't wait to meet the new little Turner!! Congrats to David and Cindy and Brianna!! Welcome to a world filled with dinosaurs, excavators, and train tracks!

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