Friday, January 13, 2017

The Zoo, a Texas Winter, and Zayd's Passion Project

The weather has been crazy. It was 80 degrees again today. Who knows.

I love that my kids still love the zoo. It's such a gem.

Zayd has been working on a passion project for school and he told me he had been researching endangered animals. We did a little weekend work and looked for ways kids can help endangered animals. The internet suggested that visiting national parks, zoos, aquariums, and botanical gardens are all beneficial!! What luck!

Check out Zayd's awesome posterboard featuring critically endangered animals from around the world.

Landa library and that one cold week

Ziyan is Seven Months

At seven months Ziyan was eagerly figuring out how to use his new push walker. Often he gave up and looked to more sturdy furniture so he could cruise along.
He became a chatter box who started exclaiming all the time. I wouldn't call it yelling but it isn't necessarily happy, so I would have to call it exclaiming.
He was up to a whopping 18 pounds and eager to eat anything he could get his hands on. Frankly, he would grab food right out of your grasp and Zahra has lost more than a few French fries to our grabby little man.