Thursday, July 13, 2017

Oh, my Zahra

My sweet, intriguing, inspiring little Zahra kindly asked to see one of my work notebooks, then wrote all over it.

So, now it is hers. That's perfectly fine with me.

While planning our next vacation, I used a page to jot down some day trip ideas out in west Texas.

She responded as such.

I asked her what it meant and she informed me that she was writing "Mom, why did you write in my book?"

Ah. It's like that!?

I put the book down and went on my way.

Two days later, I wanted to flesh out some more of our vacation and returned to this mischievous little book.

The first page I opened said, "mi mom loves me ZRM too the Moon (and) back". It's nearly all backward and adorably confusing for my little lady who makes very few mistakes. She prides herself on how hard she works and I'm both amazed that she wrote this and in awe of what a baby she still is.

Be still my heart.

I had to write a note back.

I cannot wait to spend my whole life with this amazing little woman. I look at her and see the future that reflects a past I had with my grandma and the present I'm enjoying with my mother. What lucky women we all have/will come to be.

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