Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Last week... Ziyan was 4weeks old

To mark Ziyan's 4th week, we took a bunch of pictures.
Zahra wanted to help. While she seemed so grown compared to our rapidly plumping third Z, mostly she reminded me how important it is to make her feel special during this transition time. So, both of my babies got some baby time.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Zilker: the fourth Z

Despite a newborn, less than two hours of sleep for mama, a rainstorm, an "in office procedure", and not having a car that fits our whole brood now that lovely Rachel is in town,  we opted to caravan to Austin this weekend. Ever since Sam's short tour in San Antonio (9 years ago!) I've been dying to go to Zilker Park in Austin for a day at Barton Creek Springs Pool. Somehow we've never done it: it always seems the waters too cold, the weather too hot, or the traffic too bad. All of that held true yesterday but it was completely worth it. I kept exclaiming what a great day I was having. It was just a memory making kind of day and we got to spend it as a big happy family!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Ziyan is One Month Old

Our loving little lamb is one month old today (or yesterday, by the time I got this posted). He is such a trooper and the perfect addition to this wild family of Zs. 

He has been all over town since his first few days of life and he stays pretty content in his wraps and slings. He was the biggest trooper ever this week sitting through the kids' swimming lessons in the hot Texas summer covered by my oversized straw hat. His skin has darkened considerably but I think some of that is actually a tan. His feet are still pretty light, which I think supports my hypothesis. Last weekend someone complimented his aubergine coloring. I looked it up and no one describes skin tones as aubergine anywhere on the internet so I am not convinced its a thing. That said, I can maybe see the redish/purple undertones. Or maybe I am just being nice.

Looking at him, he looks just like Zayd. I will post a side by side tomorrow so you can vote for yourselves. He has fattened up just like Zayd, tanned up just like Zayd, and has a fussy belly just like Zayd. The idea that I could have two lovely young gentlemen who grow up to look like twins delights me and seems so apropos. People are ever guessing that Zayd and Zahra are twins, why not let them be all look like triplets around 2035. Ha!

The thing I think I will remember most from his newborn days is how he seemed to love me right from the start. When he is crying over his super-gassy little belly and I talk to him, he calms down. Maybe this is common for some moms but I have never had a baby that I could so easily soothe. He seems comforted just to be held by me, which, obviously makes me swoon. When he is fussing at Sam, I can just take him and whisper in his ear and feel him noticeably relax. I love him to the moon and back and he seems like he was born with just that much love for me. I couldn't be a luckier mom, in that regard. 

I will also always remember his adorable pouty purple little lips. Heck, maybe they are aubergine.


Z1 and Z2 recently enrolled in tumbling and gymnastics, respectively and they are loving it. I know I am completely biased but they're also quite good! I think it's because they have almost no extra body weight and abs of steal.

Today, we headed to tot time to blow off some energy. It's an unstructured playtime on all of the near gymnastics equipment. The extra bonus is that Mommy didn't have to wear Z3 in the blazing sun! This baby is a first class sweater and we think he could use a break from burning up outside while the big kids do big kids things.

In addition to today's tot time, should admit that to fill up the summer, I have actually enrolled them in nearly everything: 4x/week swim lessons, gymnastics, ballet, random art classes, a few sessions of Montessori Summer Camp themed "Experiments!". Yesterday Zayd said, " Swimming again?? Aren't we doing too much stuff?" Conversely, Zahra is thrilled to tackle every adventure. Zayd has to be coaxed from the house every time only to discover he loves said activity once he's doing it. Wish me luck that a month from now I'm still getting him out of the house!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Living that Busy Mammen Life!

This Saturday we were living our normal Mammen life, doing all the things. But better than our normal life we have little Ziyan now and Auntie Soni was visiting!

We were out the door early so all 5 of us could take Zayd and Zahra to a Saturday morning Chinese class. I was super proud of how engaged they were and how Zayd volunteered to answer questions. (Ni hao, y'all.)

Afterward, we headed to Bowl and Barrel for lunch and a round of (hipster) bowling. Somehow Zahra won! We all had a great time and Ziyan slept like a baby in his Happy wrap.

To round out our busy busy afternoon, Ziyan and I went shopping so I could do my new favorite activity: buy lots of clothes, take them home, try them on, arrange to return them all later. Arg. Post-partum dressing is the worst.

Growing so fast

The "oh no, don't grow!" sentiment is beginning to set in around here. The little lamb is growing so fast and gaining little dents or nooks that will likely turn into full-on rolls. He's too tall for his newborn footie jammies. His cheeks are growing and now extend down to his tiny double chin. With all of this growth, comes a little extra sleep, though! He went almost six hours without food last night! (Though he still woke up at the three hour mark to cry and refuse food.) Ziyan has gained some head control and honest to goodness he rolled from tummy to back last night. I'm calling it a fluke. The kids are convinced it's a skill. We'll see!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Gaining some chub...

My littlest Z is growing. It's a tad bittersweet but I think I'm handling it quite well. Babies are amazing but so are five year olds and three year olds...

Check out Ziyan's cheeks. They're filling in.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Zahra Makes the Rules...All of the Rules

Here is a little game we played four times today. Its called Find the Credit Card. The only rule is that you cannot guess the actual location of the credit card. Also, the credit card is always in her shirt. And last, the credit card is a cruise ship stateroom key circa 2011.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Our First Outing for Four

Though Ziyan is just under twenty days old, today was Daddy's favorite neighborhood dad's event: Bikes, Brews and Bros. Because I'm mom AND wife of the year, Sam spent most of the day out with his favorite guys while I manned the home front. I think everything went super well. We even managed a .7 mile walk to Ziyan's favorite restaurant (favorite in utero) Jimmy John's!

Here's the proof of our first outing!

My Brownest Baby

We all can't stop saying how much Ziyan looks like his big brother. He's even plumping up the way Zayd did: chubby cheeks that all of a sudden make his chin look tiny.

But there's one way I can't deny he's totally Sam... Check out this little man's color. That's my hand and arm behind him for comparison in the first photo!!

But! Also note that Ziyan is sucking his thumb. So he's definitely mine!