Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

We started the gift giving with a very merry Pakki Christmas Eve. Nani and Nana collaborated on their first ever homemade biryani and it was quite a hit. Add that to samosas, daal, raita, naan, and baked ziti for a little variety and we had the perfect dinner with family that we love. The Texans were playing and secured their conference championship, which I suppose is quite the gift.

Though I've struggled with how to explain Santa and all of the mythology that comes with Christmas to my kids, this is first year that Zayd is fully bought in. He devised an infallible plan to leave carefully counted cookies out for Santa and then count the number remaining in the morning. Less cookies proves Santa. He was adamant about it and I helped him bake cookies.  He left a note for Santa, "enjoy the cookies" and I figure all writing exercises are useful writing exercises. I did happily eat those cookies, so don't worry. I'm no Grinch, and I'm playing right along.

Christmas morning was everything you want it to be: joyous, generous, and family-centric. The kids were spoiled rotten, par for the Christmas course around here.

I really thought hard on their three gifts this year and I think I did a fantastic job.

Zayd received 1. A large spinosaurus that roars and walks and a real spinosaurus tooth fossil! 2. A huge (too huge) Batman and Superman monstrosity of a playset that he has already played with for hours. 3. A custom mommy-made snake modeled exactly after a drawing he made.

Zahra received 1. An awesome marble run. 2. A custom etsy-made baby carrier modeled exactly after my pilot print Tula. 3. A mommy made pop-up princess castle in a festive Frozen fabric.

Ziyan received 1. An awesome rattle made from dried nut shells in Indonesia. 2. A snowsuit - Baltimore here we come. 3. A walker that he had to receive just a few days early because he's so eager to get up and get moving.

After gifts and donuts and Nana's new tradition of Pakistani omelets (smashing!) on Christmas morning, the kids and I played with their new robots until it was time to head out for our big family festivities.

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