Saturday, October 29, 2016

We're with Her

I had the busiest working mother week of my life this week. It left me tired, occasionally exhilarated, and... tired. So tired that my residual tiredness means I can't come up with a better word for tired.

So, when Friday came, I was relieved to spend the entire day just mommying. I let Zahra sleep in until it was obvious that I was just keeping her home all day. And that meant I knew what our day had in store: we were going to vote. And run. We all know there's no better way to vote then covered in sweat and pushing a double BOB.

I let Zahra dress herself and she emerged from her bedroom in a purple tutu and girls rule shirt and I thought, "yes, my dear. I have done well with you."

We ran about 3 miles in a loop through Brackenridge Park and then headed to Lions field to cast our early vote. I voted for Hillary Clinton with a happy heart.

I voted for her, and Her, and my grandma and all of the women that I love. I voted looking to a future where Zahra's understanding of a woman's potential is simply an understanding of a person's potential. There are reasons that I'm excited for Hillary that have nothing to do with her gender but when I remember this day that's what I will remember. And someday I won't think it's such a privilege to cast my vote for a woman.

Note that we did not pull any Trump signs out of the ground.

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