Friday, October 14, 2016

Scooters and Mahncke Park

My kids are finally starting to enjoy their scooters. We took a beautiful almost-fall walk this week up to Mahncke Park. We should have been getting ready for bed but a little special mama and her bigs time was a wonderful treat.

At the highest point of the hill on Mahncke Park, Zayd wanted to ride down a small practice hill. Zahra swore she was ready to fly down the BIG hill. In the end, she convinced Zayd...the way she usually does. He went first and did great. He'd gain a little speed and stop. Gain a little more and slow back down. He had to jump into the grass at one point when he lost his control of the scooter but he has everything under control. I'm going little adventures like this week build up his confidence and eventually get him to try his bicycle. Zahra flew down the hill after him, fell off the second she stated picking up speed, and literally bounced on her bottom. She seemed to be made of rubber. It was not as much fun as she was expecting. "I was so surprised how fast I was going!" I'm guessing that she didn't learn any particular lessons on her trip down the hill. She's three. There's still time. And that hill isn't going anywhere.

We played in the park and climbed the mesquite trees as the sun was setting. We are so lucky to have this family, this neighborhood and even this city.

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