Friday, October 14, 2016

Exhibition day at ALA

Zayd has changed so much since he started kindergarten. There's the things I don't like such as all of the new and more colorful words he has learned. Or his obsession with Pokemon and the way he talks about guns more often. But he also seems a little Freer. He seems more silly and more open to being a goofball. He reminds me a lot of his dad lately with the way he tries to get a laugh out of me. It's a less-serious version of the son I was raising before he started kindergarten.

With all of these changes I want to spend time with him at his school. I want to see how he interacts with the other kids and how he exists in this new universe that I'm not a part of. But I also want him to have the independence and the freedom to become whoever it is he wants to be at ALA. For this complicated mix of reasons, I was so excited when they announced a picnic and exhibition day this Wednesday. They've been working on a project called "who are we?" where the Kinder through third graders have been voting and working on a renaming project for the school. Groups of four to five kids made giant brochures to show data about the school, maps about the school and to provide a vision statement for this new adventure they're all taking together. I think it was a great idea and I was excited to come see what his brochure looks like.

First we ate lunch and he's already informed me that next time he wants me to bring a happy meal like Brayden's mom did. As soon as we were done eating he wanted to read books together which warmed my heart and reminded me of this sweet little boy and I know it home.

Then he showed me some of the work that they have displayed in his classroom. There was a book about each of the kid's talents and here is what Zayd said:

Miss Allison tells me that he stood at the front of the room and showed how he can make his hand pretend to be a snake with the head at one end (indicate by opening and closing his hand) and the other end functioning as a tail. 

Then there was the what is our favorite color chart. I love seeing that his square look different than everybody else's. That meshed with the Zayd I know. Can you spot Zayd's?

Next I discovered that there's one kid in the class who rides a scooter to school. Who might that be, you're wondering. That seems brave for a kindergartner! It's my son. Or so he claims. He was furious when I suggested that that wasn't I let it slide. 

And here is Zayd advocating to change the name of his school to the X-treme Genius Academy. Ha! What a smarty!

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