Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ziyan is Three Months Old

We have made it through that "dreaded" fourth trimester and are spending our first full day together, just me and my littlest Z. Zayd and Zahra are off to school and I used this "free time" to have a quaint photo shoot with my little lamb.

It turns out my little lamb is a huge lamb in his size six month jumper. He is the happiest giggly baby I have ever had. He loves to echo your voice and we spend lots of time OOOing and making what I call tiny bear noises "rarrrrrrr". He loves his mommy and being in the wrap. He is a snuggler. He is a puker and I am stunned how much weight he has gained given how often he...expels it. I think/fear he might be teething. He doesn't fuss but he is very keen on fitting 3-8 fingers in his mouth at any given time. He is spitty spitty spitty, as you can see below.

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