Monday, August 22, 2016

Welcome to Kindergarten

This sweet boy just entered his first day of kindergarten full of excitement and with a huge smile. What a kid. He's come so far in these last few years and I can't wait to see him continue to grow.

There were kids all around crying and nervous and Zayd seemed perplexed by their displays. His teacher whisked him off before he even had a negative thought.

The school invited us to leave notes for our sweet kids and Zahra helped me write to him. It reminded me of some of the exercises we did in play therapy where I sent letters to Zayd designed to help grow his self confidence. I couldn't help think about how much bigger he is now and how much more confident.

Then Sam and I drive Zahra to Montessori Schoolhouse for her first full week. She told us the entire way about how she already knows everything and made up a song about looking out the window. Then she required all of us to sing it. And we dropped her like a firecracker into her primary class.

Good luck to both of my amazing children and their patient teachers today!!

**Also of note, we meet a Zayn and found a long lost Zahara name tag today at kindergarten checkin! So my kids are in good company!!

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