Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Things About Ziyan

Our long summer off ends tomorrow. I'm both happy and sad to be returning to work Monday. Wish me luck. I'm happy to know I'll get to see this face when I walk in the door. I'm sad to think about how many smiles I'll miss when I'm gone.

Ziyan really is the best baby I could have ever imagined. He sleeps so well. He smiles so much. He is the drooliest baby ever. He throws up more than the other Zs but he doesn't complain about it. He doesn't sleep in his stroller on walks but instead stares wide-eyed at the world. He is so very heavy. He breathes with his whole body: he gently rocks up and down as he takes his tiny baby breaths. When I hold him he almost always has a firm grasp on my baby hairs but I kind of love it. If he's crying he's probably tired. That or it's early morning and he's trying to complete his daily poop. Sometimes he fusses at other people but he always calms right down if I hold high him up on my shoulder and whisper in his ear. I've never had a new baby love me so much. What a lucky mama!

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