Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I'm a Survivor

I've recently been sending empowering women's hip hop songs to my new strong-lady partner at work. Today's song is without a doubt "I'm a Survivor". This day tried to kill me I'm pretty sure.

I was in 45 minutes late to work, which believe it or not is me arriving at 6:30am. Work, as always, provides a little bit of every feeling and leaves you pretty worn out. A was was @

By 2:45 I was off to get Zahra. We had a pleasant drive which is anything but guaranteed these days with my little firecracker. (During our unbearable drive just a few hours later, she told me " Mom, I think you frustrate me, and I frustrate you, and we just frustrate each other.") We got a quick gift on the way home to thank the Manny for agreeing to pick up Thursdays so Mommy can work more.

Both kids cried at the prospect of going to gymnastics, cried about being hungry, cried about shoes, cried about buckles, cried about crying, cried. Cried. CRIED. My mom called and I told her that I had to go because Zahra was in her quiet spot and Zayd was hitting me. I think she was starting to say how I should switch them when I hung up. Fear not, I wasn't being unfair. It's just that Zahra hit me first. Hence she was the first quiet spot.

Somehow despite being ready an hour early we left twenty minutes late straight into rush hour on the way to gymnastics that everyone wants to quit. Tuesday night through Monday night, they love it, but they wake on Tuesday thinking it's the worst punishment. Then the car, the car that barely moves in they traffic that moves even less. Ziyan cried. Zahra cried about not being able to help him. Zayd couldn't quiet either of them... possibly because he was taunting his sisters non-middle-seat-ness. Sam called. I almost cried.

We arrived at gymnastics. We had eaten. Win, win, there.

We prepared to quit, as I have been promising Zahra she can quit this hard class for about two weeks now. (She's been in it for two weeks, in case you weren't counting.) So, while I have a minute to myself here watching Zayd in tumbling I decided remember that though today was comically insane, yesterday was beautiful.

So, after all those words... Let's remember yesterday.

And don't worry. I got this. #likeaboss

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