Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Our dear friends and neighbors go to the Frio River every year camping. They used to tent camp then they upgraded to an RV. When the RV was stolen they couldn't revert back to tents and that's when they entered my realm of camping abilities. Last weekend whe rented a 3000 square foot house that was built last year and had four bedrooms and four baths for four families. Perfect!

All joking aside, we spent almost all day outside; the kids were awesome and wild and free. They played with sticks and rocks, chased minnows in the shallow water, and floated the laziest of lazy rivers. With eight adults and twelve kids there was always someone to hang out with. We laughed and made memories; it was a fantastic trip. There aren't many people who want to travel with their next door neighbors and I count us as some of the luckiest neighbors in the world.

Donuts for breakfast? It's vacation!!

Ziyan was so relaxed and spent hours sleeping on the shore or sitting just a bit in the cool water.
"Hey, Zahra! Try to fight me with a stick for pretend! "

Last year we drove up for a day trip to visit them at the river and took a picture of all our chickadees lined up like angry Warriors along the shore. This year they're bigger and better!


  1. Fabulous pictures. Love sam and the baby. Hold on tight!

  2. Fabulous pictures. Love sam and the baby. Hold on tight!