Friday, June 24, 2016

Ziyan is One Month Old

Our loving little lamb is one month old today (or yesterday, by the time I got this posted). He is such a trooper and the perfect addition to this wild family of Zs. 

He has been all over town since his first few days of life and he stays pretty content in his wraps and slings. He was the biggest trooper ever this week sitting through the kids' swimming lessons in the hot Texas summer covered by my oversized straw hat. His skin has darkened considerably but I think some of that is actually a tan. His feet are still pretty light, which I think supports my hypothesis. Last weekend someone complimented his aubergine coloring. I looked it up and no one describes skin tones as aubergine anywhere on the internet so I am not convinced its a thing. That said, I can maybe see the redish/purple undertones. Or maybe I am just being nice.

Looking at him, he looks just like Zayd. I will post a side by side tomorrow so you can vote for yourselves. He has fattened up just like Zayd, tanned up just like Zayd, and has a fussy belly just like Zayd. The idea that I could have two lovely young gentlemen who grow up to look like twins delights me and seems so apropos. People are ever guessing that Zayd and Zahra are twins, why not let them be all look like triplets around 2035. Ha!

The thing I think I will remember most from his newborn days is how he seemed to love me right from the start. When he is crying over his super-gassy little belly and I talk to him, he calms down. Maybe this is common for some moms but I have never had a baby that I could so easily soothe. He seems comforted just to be held by me, which, obviously makes me swoon. When he is fussing at Sam, I can just take him and whisper in his ear and feel him noticeably relax. I love him to the moon and back and he seems like he was born with just that much love for me. I couldn't be a luckier mom, in that regard. 

I will also always remember his adorable pouty purple little lips. Heck, maybe they are aubergine.

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