Monday, June 20, 2016

Living that Busy Mammen Life!

This Saturday we were living our normal Mammen life, doing all the things. But better than our normal life we have little Ziyan now and Auntie Soni was visiting!

We were out the door early so all 5 of us could take Zayd and Zahra to a Saturday morning Chinese class. I was super proud of how engaged they were and how Zayd volunteered to answer questions. (Ni hao, y'all.)

Afterward, we headed to Bowl and Barrel for lunch and a round of (hipster) bowling. Somehow Zahra won! We all had a great time and Ziyan slept like a baby in his Happy wrap.

To round out our busy busy afternoon, Ziyan and I went shopping so I could do my new favorite activity: buy lots of clothes, take them home, try them on, arrange to return them all later. Arg. Post-partum dressing is the worst.

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