Friday, June 24, 2016


Z1 and Z2 recently enrolled in tumbling and gymnastics, respectively and they are loving it. I know I am completely biased but they're also quite good! I think it's because they have almost no extra body weight and abs of steal.

Today, we headed to tot time to blow off some energy. It's an unstructured playtime on all of the near gymnastics equipment. The extra bonus is that Mommy didn't have to wear Z3 in the blazing sun! This baby is a first class sweater and we think he could use a break from burning up outside while the big kids do big kids things.

In addition to today's tot time, should admit that to fill up the summer, I have actually enrolled them in nearly everything: 4x/week swim lessons, gymnastics, ballet, random art classes, a few sessions of Montessori Summer Camp themed "Experiments!". Yesterday Zayd said, " Swimming again?? Aren't we doing too much stuff?" Conversely, Zahra is thrilled to tackle every adventure. Zayd has to be coaxed from the house every time only to discover he loves said activity once he's doing it. Wish me luck that a month from now I'm still getting him out of the house!

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