Sunday, December 20, 2015

Zahra turns 3, and everything looks different

One week ago, my little lolly turned three. We did it up big, if I do say so myself. She has been so excited for her birthday for about a month. Normally, she isn't going to talk to strangers, especially males, but throughout November she was willing to tell nearly anyone that her third birthday would be December 10th. It started, at first, like "tenff", but wouldn't you know that she had mastered the word in a few days.

And now, she is three. So, so three. I know nothing has really changed but she seems bigger, taller, smarter, sassier than ever. I think she really felt loved and special on her birthday which makes my heart sing. (Me-me-meeee. <- It's an inside joke with my sweet littles, in case they ever read all of this.)

To celebrate her birthday, we kicked off the day with neighbor brunch with only six little kids - the bigs are really growing up! We served homemade waffles and eggs per Zahra's request. The kids and daddy headed to the zoo  whilue Mommy snuck in a few hours at work. :( We ordered amazing Italian food (noodles!) in for Zahras birthday dinner and opened her three gifts: Baymax action figure with a baymax shirt, a new baby Dahlia with tan skin and big eyes, and the I Am Amelia Earhart book. I can't describe how adorable she was to watch while we sang to her. She was just beaming and amazed. Filled with wonder, I'd say.

Here is Zahra wrapping up day one of her birthday celebration.

The next morning we woke early to make something like 70 sprinkle pancake pops for school. We headed in to do Zahra's walk around the sun and celebrate with her classmates and her (new!) best friend Danuli.

Zahra wanted a Frozen party but I am a mean mommy and we settled on a Karaoke party where she could sing Let It Go into a microphone and dress up like a rockstar (if not a princess). I know the whole princess thing is coming, but I am going to hold it off just a couple more months. As long as its princesses and scientists, I think we will be fine.

And a special shot-out to Joe Joe for not only attending Zahra's third birthday but for bringing the world's most amazing Elsa pinata. My kids are lucky to be so loved by so many. And Sam and I are so lucky for the support.

Here she is for scale!

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