Sunday, July 26, 2015

Zahra, the wordsmith

In the grocery store:
Me: Zahra, if you can sit on your bottom, you can stay in the back of the cart. But as soon as you stand up, you have to sit in the seat. OK?
Z2: OK.
Me: Shake on it?
Z2: OK. I will shake on it. But if Uncle Jon was here, I would not shake on it. Or of Nini was here, I would not shake on it.
Me: Oh really?!
Z2: Yes, but if Nani or Nana were here, I would shake on it.

While walking to chipotle:
Me: Zahra, I really think we need to start using piggies and headbands and hair bows. It would keep the hair out of your face.
Zahra: No, look. I am sweeping off my face...(looks deep in thought)... I am sweeping my hair off my face with my hands.

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