Saturday, June 13, 2015

Spelling Bee

Zayd is on the cusp of having a breakthrough with reading and spelling. I definitely need to get myself in gear and figure out the leap from phonics and letter sounds to reading.

Lately, he spells everything. Mostly, is non-sensical: "Mom, I can spell Avengers: P-I-P-O. Avengers." I have taken note that his delivery method is an exact repeat of mine which is an exact repeat of Ms Payal Patel (circa 1999?). I was never a competitive speller but I remember helping that lovely lady practice during "lunch". Anyway, he is interested in letters and the sounds they make. All of his art (mostly "maps") all peppered with random letters. While he can write his name he prefers to write many many letters, ask me what it spells and call himself that. Today, we signed a get well card for uncle Jon,  "PHEFR" and then called Zayd Fefr for fifteen minutes. It's more exiting than using the same letters over and over again.

Last week we had two spelling breakthroughs while visiting with AJ during UTSA orientation. I had built up the excitement of going to college all week. I explained that after Montessori, they will do elementary, after that middle school... up through college. After attending AJ's high school graduation, we kind of understood what was happening.  I also answer Zayd's daily inquiry, "But when do I not have to go to school anymore???," with a patient, "After you finish college."

First, while reading the signs all around us,  Zayd exclaims, "Mom! I think I can spell college! UTSA! College!" Adorable.

Later, while perusing the side of his chocolate milk he said, "Hey mom! This says 'No' on my milk! Does it say no four year olds, only five year olds?" (He's convinced he's five this week, and I'm letting him go with it.) It actually said "No Hormones! No antibiotics!" I was super proud and so was he!

I think the fact that he is actively looking for words to read means I need to get my butt in gear!! So, moms of readers and/or teachers. What do I do? How do I help him develop these nascent skills while making sure he enjoys this discovery process!?

Lastly, in case you weren't convinced he's the brightest bulb in the whole wide world, as we were driving of campus, he hopefully asked, "Now that I've been to college, do I not have to go to school anymore??" What a tricky young man.

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