Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Z's and Their Work

I have posted here about Zayd and his dislike of all things school. I have long assumed it was more a dislike of all things not-mom but the daily (7 out of 7, week in and week out) crying about school gave me doubts. I have written about Zayd's reports home from his teacher telling that he is quiet and happy but just sits there. No talking, no working, no misery, just sitting. Our first semester of school left me more often than not convinced that he just wasn't ready. (Interestingly, I knew Zahra was ready and frankly so did she! Girls are wise beyond their years, aren't they? I could write a whole other post about the struggle that comes with raising a girl who just won't accept the comforts of being so young and instead insists on ruling the world from her teeny tiny throne.)

Last week I had our first in-depth parent teacher conference and though it left me uplifted, reassured, and slightly more relaxed I still wasn't completely at ease. I will say that it felt wonderful to share some of Zayd's outside struggles over these few months and really bring his teacher into the fold. Anyway, I felt good: more confident but not wholly confident.

Then, Zayd started bringing home work. Work! From school! He is doing something at school! There were tears. (Mine.) He didn't say much about it. His teacher says he still sits a lot in silence. But there is a shift; he is growing. In fact, he will grow. I'm certain of that.

Notice above the "Z", he told his teacher that he wanted to write my name "EFTO". She went with it and so did I!

Also check out the work that Zahra brings home daily. Little watercolors, lots of stamping, and some scribbly squigs. Adorable. Her best version of Zahra the Scholar is every Monday as we drive home from Montessori school. They both have music every Monday but she is the one who sings the whole way home. My favorite is her fifteen minute  rendition of a measured metronomic "beat the drum, beat the drum...beat my arm, beat my arm...beat the car seat, beat the car seat..." on and on as she discovers new objects (cupholders, piggy tails, windows) she can reach and beat from her backseat conductors bay.

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