Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Three Little Pigs

First, are your kids obsessed with the three little pigs (3LP)? If not, I recommend you make this happen. It is amazing how much fun this story is for little ones! We first got hooked via our 1972 3LP Disney book that I scored at the Half Price Books Clearance sale a few months ago. 

We play 3LP every day in new and imaginative ways every time. I feel like I can watch Zayd's brain expand as he thinks of new ways to play out the pigs and their homes and Zahra is becoming quite the actress. It is so so fun to watch. It is fun in a way that playing Bubble Guppies just never will be for me. (Or BATMAN for that matter...don't tell Sam...don't worry, he doesn't know the name of this blog!) Yesterday we played 3LP at the Botanical Gardens using first Water Saver Lane and then the historic 1800s Schumacher House from Fredericksburg. And Netflix has a whole series of Big Bad Wolf movies that must be at least 50 years old and are amazing.

Second, do you follow Red Ted Art?? Because that is my second piece of advice: you absolutely should be pinning this man's pins and reading his blog if you have littles. He never steers us wrong. Our whole day of play was inspired by his 3LP post.

And now, the start of our real 3LP play.

I spent a couple of weeks saving up TP rolls to make this happen. Then I had the littles paint: Zahra choose to make pigs and Zayd wanted to focus on a big bad wolf and a little bad wolf (watch the Netflix shorts).

We had some shenanigans!

But we ended up with five painted rolls and it was time to dry them:

Then we got to house building. We decided to use legos for the brick house and to make paper houses for the straw and stick home like Red Ted suggests. That way we could huff and puff the first two houses away but the third would have true strength!

Here are our finished products with washi tape for clothes and the most adorable pipe cleaner tails.

Zayd insisted that our big bad wold needed big bad fangs so we used a white pipe cleaner there as well.

And here the kids setting up and playing three little pigs:

I hope you enjoyed this 1/10 as much as we did. Just go make it. It's so stinking cute.

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