Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hot Dino and All Things Art

We have a new love of arts and crafts these days and I relish it. From workbooks, the sticker books, washi tape, to painting toilet paper rolls you will often find us gathered around the dining room table doing something creative.

Zayd is very interested in writing these days. The letter H is no longer sufficient to get that rush of accomplishment so we have moved on to the rest of the alphabet and words with H in them. Below, HOT DINO one of our favorite things to write these days. This was his first attempt and not bad, I'd say.

I am amazed by the rate he improves in his workbooks. The first attempt at something is always shaky but #2 in an undeniable K!

Zahra now writes the letter H also (are they twins?) but she really needn't move on from there so we have found lots of more age-appropriate things for her to be doing.

We don't necessarily do all of our art at the table. Here is Zayd's drawing of a cat, modeled after Bristol who lives across the street. He also almost always draws animals with a separate orb near them "That's where they get their energy". It is an interesting twist.

And here is a washi tape cheetah with yellow spots and five legs. His orb of energy had to go on a separate sheet.

Zahra wanted to do number washi art with orange stamps. I am sure if i could just come up with the proper name for this we could sell it for millions. :)

We are still obsessed with sticking things on contact paper, a la Mamenchisaurus or our suncatchers.

And then there is our newest corkboard shapes "toy" from Haba. It is awesome. I highly recommend it!

Next up...the coolest art project we've ever done: the three little pigs and the big bad wolf and the little bad wolf. (We had extra supplies!)

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