Sunday, January 11, 2015

Growing on up

One of the Z's three Christmas presents this year was a bunk bed. This naturally evokes the question: is Zayd sleeping on top!?! Well, it turn out, no. No he is not. These kids who think they might be twins prefer to sleep like this:

That's both on the bottom but on opposite sides. They only fight over who is touching who every other sleep event.  They do both agree that they should bunk together and save the top to build zoo enclosures for their animals.

In other notable news I would be remiss to not capture, Zahra is fully potty trained and insisting on being more an more self sufficient everyday. She dresses herself, does her own shoes and socks, takes care of all bathroom needs, you name it. She MUST do it alone. BUT you (I) must stand watch...while being sure to never ever touch her or even consider it. "YOU don't do it myself, I do it myself."

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