Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday funday, discovering downtown SATX

Despite a sleepless night (mostly for me) and this little beauty waking me up long before 7a.m. in quite the mood,  we have managed to pack in nearly three playdates and thirteen friends in just three hours.

My good friend and I were able to have a great time AND keep seven kids relatively safe and happy while traipsing through downtown and Hemisfair Park. First up, my favorite rickety wooden playground in town. Here is Zahra literally hanging from a "bridge" and talking. She's a multi-tasker AND a stunt woman. Who knew? (I did.)

Then we headed over to Tower of the America's which I haven't been to since a White Wives trip circa the late 90s. The fountains there were the perfect opportunity for us to add six MORE kids to the mix (and two adults) and let the kids run wild.

End the morning with brownies and some sunshine and I think we just nailed this busy Friday morning.

And just as a sneak peek, the afternoon will be significantly less fun. We have Zayd's blood test to diagnose the source of his pica. Recently he's been found consuming rocks, hand sanitizer, and lotion on more than one occasion EACH!! To go along with this development he has added hamburger to his repertoire so maybe it's just a sign of a new openness... Unlikely. With Zayd, it seems to always be a disease.  Then I'm trucking both kids to my doctor's appointment. What could be better??? I think we'll need another dose of brownies around 1600.

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