Thursday, April 10, 2014

Zahra, my warrior princess

Last weekend my mom remarked, "I love how sensitive Zayd is and how Zahra...I mean, Im sorry, and not really such a devil!"


Zayd's new thing is telling us that his knee hurts. At the end of February, he fell on a playground and got a pretty good scrape. The scrape healed up nicely by the second week of March. Somehow, the pain lives on. We haven't bathed that knee is 6 weeks. Whenever he feels uncomfortable, his knee hurts. When parents he is less familiar with wished him a happy birthday, he said "My knee hurts". See a neighbor in the grocery store? "My knee hurts." Suggest an outing? That darn knee again.

It's terrible to compare your children, but here we go. Yesterday, Zahra nearly fell behind my bed and I saved her by grabbing right between her eyes. Mom of the year, I know. Anyway. She was relieved to not have fallen and hasn't noticed the one inch gash between her eyes. When I cleaned it this morning she said, "Ow!", surprised but calm, and let me proceed. The picture really doesn't do it justice. It's pretty nasty.

I wonder how long we have until Zahra beats Zayd up...

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