Saturday, April 12, 2014


Last Thursday we had to cancel brunch for a number of reasons and that meant the kids and I had a whole day of fun to fill.

We started at the children's museum with an early arrival and the place mostly to ourselves. (Then two elementary schools showed up, but it was great while it lasted, and perfectly fine once it filled up.)

In the afternoon we headed to Landa Library to get new books and graphic novels. Zayd is currently into Comic Land: The Good, The Bad, and The Monkeys, and we wanted something similar.

On the Landa playground, Zayd found (what he is sure is) the exact branch/stick from the Jungle Book. You know, the one Mowgli sets on fire and ties to Sher Khan's tail. Anyway, we had a blast acting it out, taking turns being the tiger, and chasing one another with the branch "aflame". I wonder what the other library patrons thought we were up to!

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