Friday, February 21, 2014

Let's rodeo, San Antonio!

After a night where almost no one slept in the Mammen house, I stuck to my guns and packed up the kids for a rodeo adventure. We were at the grounds by 8:30a.m., and it turns out that early morning on a Thursday is pretty much only attended by people there showing animals, their grandparents, and the Mammens. I think there were no other folks there just enjoying the show, everyone else seemed pretty...authentic. :) 

This rodeo story is really a little love tale between the lentil and the lolly. It is getting to the point where the obsession is mutual, not just Zayd smothering Zahra with "love".

Honestly, I say, "Say Cheese" and this is what Zaydie comes up with. I think he might be a romantic. (Mommy: One point.)

We enjoyed the HEB Buddy Farm and Zayd was more agreeable than I have seen in a long time. Heck, he wore the cow ears, and didn't freak out when someone touched him. (I can't count lately how many times I have told people, "Sorry, he doesn't like being touched." Though it also makes me wonder if people are touching ME that much...)

Um, this happened. His choice. He really looked happy for most of it, but the sun was in my phone so I couldn't see how terrible the photo was until it was too late.

There was a petting zoo. Check!

We spent a solid 30 minutes climbing tractors.

And this might be my favorite. We walked much of the enormous grounds in a chain of three. Me holding Zahra's hand and her INSISTING on holding Zayd's. 

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