Saturday, February 15, 2014

Houston. My first true love.

This little visit to my hometown couldn't have come at a more apropos time. This weekend is buttressed by two preschool tours last week and two next where I have spent a lot of time investigating diversity at San Antonio schools and playgrounds. (I didn't see an Asian till school number 3.) I feel some times like maybe I should get off my whole diversity kick, most people grow up in places where everyone looks the same and they mostly turn out fine. Certainly, I don't believe that bad eggs are bad because of homogeneity. But I do think that with two little mixie babies like mine, they are better off in an environment that's a little mixie too. And then I arrive in Houston and solidify that what's here is better (for us) than what's there. Period. We drove past the Turkish Institute for Interfaith Dialogue on our way to the zoo yesterday. Just took a wrong turn and there it was. Its a small, possibly non-relevant symbol but it struck me. If I need more proof, check out the Fort Bend ISD diversity page, and notice the stats. Done. Sign me up. How do I convince Sam though... That's the looming problem. Oh, and where will we work!


On to our Houston adventure to date.

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