Thursday, January 2, 2014

She's going to be a scientist

Sometimes I say that Zahra is my harder child and everyone looks at me like I'm crazy. Medically she's definitely much simpler, she never poops blood, she gains weight normally if slowly, she eats. Besides a little reflex she is pretty much typical. But its times like this that I remember how different they are. I used to sit Zayd on the edge of the sink and wash the dishes after breakfast and he would sometimes sick his fingers in the water but mostly wanted to watch that I was doing and if I would sing, he was happy. Zahra wants to be in the sink. She wants to be washing the dishes. She wants to figure out which dishes fit inside the other dishes and lastly which ones break.

The same can be said for the things she is willing to ingest. With Zayd there were no choking hazards because he wouldn't put anything in his stomach. Most of the things they tell you to worry about I didn't feel like I need to worry about with Zayd. I'm finally starting to understand all the warnings.

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