Sunday, January 19, 2014

Making up for lost time

I have had the best weekend with my lentil and lolly. There is nothing to make you enjoy every second like missing out on a while week!
We went to Friendly Spot, Kiddie Park, Landa Playground and library, Trader Joe's and had a blast with every adventure. Oh, and we have watched The Jungle Book three times in two days. We've made play doh feasts and construction sites and had more than a few impromptu dance parties. We hosted a spur-of-the-moment dinner for eight, with three one year olds, a two year old, and two four year olds. No dads allowed!  It was wildly successful and tons of fun.

The Z's behind the counter at Trader Joe's. Our cash register guy was the best.
Zahra was reaching in my bag and shrieking. I assumed she wanted her binky, so I handed it to her. She was after my lipgloss. Uh oh!
His animals have been getting a lot more love since he discovered The Jungle Book.
This is how Zayd likes to watch the fight scene in the Jungle Book: with a weapon, either Zahra's walking ball toy or his ukelele, screaming "hiya" the whole time. It reminds me of my brother in *many* ways.

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