Sunday, June 30, 2013

Here comes trouble! (That's Miss Trouble, to you!)

Two weeks ago, Zahra got her first tooth. I have been meaning to make a compilation video of her eating, trying to crawl, and toothy grinning at me. I have the best intentions.

As of today, she isn't trying to crawl. She is crawling. I found her under the dining room table inside all of the pushed in chairs. You don't get that far without gumption and this little lady has loads to spare! Here's a quick video. Delightful.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dinosaurs Have Feathers

I realize that I am a full fledged adult. Having kids means I must be. But today something hit me that showed me just how OLD I am.

This afternoon, I took the Z's to the Witte museum to see Dinosaurs Uncovered for free Tuesday. Lately, thanks to the "How Do Dinosaurs...?" books Zayd is into the topic and always requests that I take the "long" way home to drive past the big animatronic dinosaur right on Broadway. Lucky for us city-dwellers, the long way is one short neighborhood block. 

I digress. (A second sign that I am getting old.) It turns old that the dinosaur science that was being peddled in the nineties was...wrong. I learned all of this wrong dinosaur stuff. (Though NPR has provided me timely corrections over the years to my misinformation.) First, Brontosaurus? Not a thing. It's a fake species. A mish-mash of bones some paleontologist threw together to get famous for a new dino discovery. OK, I took that one pretty hard. Then, more recently, I learned that apparently T-Rex was feathered. Yep, him and most of his buddies. Dinosaurs had feathers. I have known this for about a month or so. But today walking with the Mammenitos through an exhibit of multiple feathered dinosaurs I thought, huh, they will never have my backward view of reptilian dinos! It just made the space and time between us seem so vast. Which means, I am really really old. 

"Gosh, mom. I bet you even thought Pluto was a planet!"

In true lentil/lolly fashion Zayd was terrified and wouldn't look the dinos head on and Zahra tried to eat her shoes or stand up in the stroller.


My posting frequency is inversely proportional to my stress level. More soon I promise!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This is what big brothers are for

More and more I find my little lentil and his littler lolly playing together. It makes me so joyous. I suppose twice as happy as I am when adoring them separately. It also reminds me of my (little) brother and playing with him and how usually he got injured. At least that's how I remember it.
It also makes me think about the power of two. I dream of having more kids but sometimes I can see the value in there just being two. My brother and I are pretty great combo, as my mom pointed out. But I remember him playing a lot with our cousins and my little ones don't have cousins around, so I feel like two might not be enough. (When he was hanging out with the kids, I was hanging out with the moms - wise before my time, I suppose.) On the other hand you don't have to share your sibling when there are only two. Only time will tell.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Zahrina is 6 Months Old

Let me tell you a little bit about this sweet young lady I have the joy of raising. 

She is INTENSE. She makes the most serious faces, and can stare down anyone. She seems to be thinking complicated things all of the time based on her facial expressions. 

She is ON THE MOVE. She can definitely get where she wants to be but I don't think you'd call it crawling.

She wants to be JUST LIKE ZAYD.

She is TERRIFIED of UNCLE JON. She reserves he best stares for Uncle Jon. We aren't sure why but the closer he gets the more her brow furrows until she is crying.

She DOESN'T LIKE BANANA but avocado is delish!

She likes to EXPLORE. I have multiple times found her under her crib, inside her book shelf, or lost in a mirror.

She is PETITE at just 14 pounds and 10th percentile for height and head size.

Her HAIR is kind of coming in. KIND OF.

She DOESN'T LIKE BEDTIME. She whimpers and whimpers while you are putting her to sleep. And sometimes she whimpers after she is certainly out. Poor sweet heart.

From her actual birth-a-versary:

I know, I know, this post is about the lolly.

Then we ate through the first hat...and made another.

Here is Zayd pretending to talk to Nani. Actual talking on the phone he despises; making up a conversation where he gets to play both people - 30 minutes all on his own.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Week at the Beach in Photos

What I love most looking back through these photos is how many photos I have of my kiddoes TOGETHER. Playing together, or doing bedtime together, or sitting in high chairs side by side. (I offer Zayd a big boy seat but he likes what he knows.)

Bedtime in matching PJ pants.

Early morning sensory sand play on the deck.

Zahra working on her crawl.

A wonderful afternoon at LaKing's Confectionary. Yum!

While riding in a horse drawn carriage. Now all Zaydie can talk about it how horses poop.

Moody Gardens

Mosquito Cafe.

On the beach.