Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Lolly is 10 months old!

I feel like I should just start saying she's one when people ask. I can't imagine her seeming any older than this. I am always telling her she isn't a baby anymore, and it really is true.

What's new with the lolly?
  • I think I should've posted this last month, but she has the clapping DOWN for "If you're happy and you know it"
  • She is still my spitfire.
  • She eats more than Zayd. (Not a hard feat but notable.)
  • She is into learning to climb. She has figured out how to slide off the couch with only a little assistance (from Zayd!) (under strict supervision, obviously) and she is DETERMINED to find her way UP Zayd's step-stool.
  • She loves bath time.
  • Her current favorite toy is a bracelet of jingle bells I made her with a piece of yarn.
  • She is developing a little separation anxiety for both me AND Sam. If either of us has been gone, she immediately bursts into happy crazy tears when we walk back in the front door. Then she requires significant snuggle time. 
  • She is into snuggling. (Best. Thing. Ever.)
  • She gives kisses, waves bye bye, gives high five, and plays peekaboo. A new favorite of mine is watching the lentil and the lolly play peekaboo together.
  • She almost has running down, but it is not coordinated at all. It is just really fast falling from foot to foot.
  • I can't pull the trigger on whether or not she says Mama yet or not.
Here are some shots from her special day!

She is only not ripping the hat off her head because she is just about to clap for "If You're Happy..."

Just like her brother she loves being outside.

Umma Chi was in town and Zahra took a while to warm up, but obviously gave in eventually!

Here she is determined to climb out of the rocking chair BY HERSELF!

Zar Zar loves the bath. I marvelled at her during this solo bath. She played and thought and investigated all by herself (in a way that my first child...still doesn't). I could see her thinking, "Look, bubbles. Now, no bubbles. Bubbles! No bubbles. Hrrrmmmm." As she grabbed handfuls of bubbles then plunged her hand underwater.

Here she is hard at play.

This is her requisite eyelash shot.

 Oh, Mom is here!

And, again, I am just gonna climb on out of here, now. I'm grateful she accepted a hand for this one.

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  1. I love the hands in these-there you are, just out of the frame, but ever-present. Beautiful.