Sunday, October 27, 2013


This little lolly of mine signed "More" today as I dangled her upside down. She is quite the daredevil! Then it went something like this:

  • Me: Did you sign "More"? You sweet girl!
  • Z2: "Moh" (signs "more")
  • Me: What? You are talking!? (Laughs and stammers uncontrollably.)
  • Z2: "Moh, moh, moh" (Joins laughter, hands signing away. Still upside down.)
To be fair, I knew she could say Mama and was pretty convinced she had Nana down. Also, she has been signing "milk" for a while but I am really blown away. I should have known that the words that get her what she wants would come first. Her next word will likely be "avocado" or "diaper".

P.S. Fill a balloon with rice and your toddler will play with it for 20 minutes straight!

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