Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Furlough Fun: Spiders!

(Yes, the furlough ended last night but maybe it takes me a while to get these things up here.)

Here is a wonderfully fun little craft idea I stole from Happy Hooligans! Handprint Spiders with Cobwebs!

First, we dropped paint onto square paper that we had in one of our messy pins. (And managed to get a smear JUST below our eye.) (HOW?!)

Then, we dropped in some golf balls. Do you know we live only one house away from the San Antonio Country Club? And do you know that we have collected HUNDREDS of free golf balls from errant golfers who must be a little over exuberant? What I am saying is that golf ball painting is here to stay. It was awesomely fun, and since the golf balls are in a box, surprisingly unmessy! BUT make sure that cover is on TIGHT!

Next, shake em up! For cobwebs, round motions would have been best, but we aren't there  yet.

Next came the part where I painted Zayd's hand and four fingers and we made spiders. I was not able to take photos of that part lest baby end up with black handprints all over her face. Then, it was googly eye time!

And, ta da! We made a few to use as decorations and Zayd loved the activity. I think the shaking of the golf balls made what is normally a sedentary activity (art) more his style.

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  1. He looks so big from this POV! Love the spiders.