Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Furlough Fun: Pumpkins

Last weekend, we had our fifth family trip to Devine Acre Farms, and this time we brought Nani and Nana with us for some pumpkin-y good fun!

Here we are on the hayride through the Christmas tree farm...its like preview shopping!

The following photos is one of my favorite. It is pretty much what Zahra ALWAYS does when someone wants her to smile. I can't tell you how many poor well-meaning strangers have oo-ed and coo-ed and tickled this little lady and then exclaimed, "Babies *always* smile for me." Zahra likes to be your hardest challenge. I am sure she actually enjoys it.

There were goats to feed:

A wonderful playset with more swings than you can imagine, each hung from beautiful old trees. And just like her older brother, Zahra is simply enamored with Nana. Can you guess where he is standing?

Having kids is the strangest mix of going back to being a kid again, while simultaneously being an adult for the first time in your life. I wonder if that is why grandparenthood is so wonderful. You get to go back to being a kid, without re-becoming a grown up. Zayd convinced us all to take a LONG ride down this pipe/slide.

We had fun painting pumpkins one morning this week and I took a hundred pictures. Without an SD card. So just imagine how cute they look. Here are a few photos of some pumpkin-ish art from the week. We made a pumpkin stamp out of a sponge but then painted "dinosaurs" all over our stamping.

Thinking, not nose picking.

Here are the pumpkins we stickered up... I still haven't decided if we are ready for carving. I think waiting another year wouldn't be a bad idea.

And then one of my favorite activities - themed baths. We did jack-o-lantern foam cut-outs and let Zayd decorate some pumpkins. Zayd was more of a director on this one while Mommy carried out the manual labor, which is why everything is so straight. Zahra had to sit this one out or we would have almost certainly come up an "eye" short.

What pumpkin traditions have you started? How are your jack-o-lanterns coming along?

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  1. Adorable! Everyone loves your dad. Me included! Our pumpkins are not yet carved-and I'm actually thinking of not carving them this year, either! It makes me really sad when they get droopy and have to be thrown away...