Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Furlough Fun: Ghosts!

We have been living a very Pinterest life here in the Mammen manor since the shutdown happened. I don't mean our house is clean and organized, but we are getting a lot of crafts and Halloween art in! We had a wonderful Thursday (when I always stay home, so not really any different than a furlough) and spent the entire day talking about ghosts. Again, not how they are the lost souls of dead people stuck wandering the earth, but rather they are white, say boo, and like to travel in 10s. "One little, two little, three little ghosts..."

First we did shaving cream ghosts for Zayd and a shaving cream sensory bag filled with food coloring and googly eyes for Zahra.

Here are a couple ghosts we came up with...

Zahra did a great job mixing in her food coloring but finding the eyes was nearly impossible for Zahra, or Zayd, and Mommy only found 2 out of 4... I think the shaving cream is too voluminous, you would need to have those big plastic eyeballs or something.

Zayd soon lost interest in ghost making and was more interested in washing his toys (and arms)...

Once we had covered our entire work area in shaving cream, it was time for a new task...cotton ball ghosts for Zayd and sorting for Zahra. (Sorting means putting puffs in muffin tins.)

We ended our afternoon of play experimenting with glow in the dark decorations and getting a few items up on the walls. What a great way to kick off the Halloween season!

Oh, and when the littles went to bed, I got cracking on an Oscar the Grouch costume for the lolly.

Stay tuned for posts about pumpkins and spiders!

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  1. Ooooo! I love the idea of that bag full of messiness! How cool!