Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Zahra is Four Months!

My goodness how time flies! Let's count down some of Zahra's skills and stats:
  • Zahra is in the 10-percentile for height and weight at a whopping 12lbs and only has a 25 percentile head! (Given Zayd was always in the 75th-95th percentile this was shocking!)
  • Zahra loves loves loves to talk.
  • Z-bear likes to play with toys in a way Zayd never did. She explores their textures and the noises they make just like the books say she will!
  • She can roll over easily from tummy to back.
  • Occasionally, she goes to sleep completely independently.(What-on-EARTH?)
  • She laughs and it is the world's best little laugh with her mouth agape.
  • She can sit and stand on Sam's command (with support). It is actually crazy to see and doesn't work for me. Dr Cevey did marvel at how Zahra stood up as soon as she got leverage and a hold of the doc's finger.
  • She likes to pull hair.
  • She has more saliva than I have ever seen.
  • She can shake a maraca like a little mariachita. (I invented that word, I believe. It means small female mariachi lady.)
  • Zahra has a fuzzy little head of hair that has recently sprouted a full set of new growth.
  • She is gorgeous and we are truly in love.

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