Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Zahra's First Children's Museum Escapade

Warning: I literally fell asleep trying to post this tonight. So, the grammar etc reflects my current exhausted state.
The San Antonio Children's Museum has really been spruced up since we had Zahra! We had our first trip back this week (since November!)  and it was delightful!
The new science room was a huge hit. They have you build Lego cars and then race them down a ramp to test their aerodynamics. There was an earthquake simulator to test your engineering and architecture skills with foam blocks. There were around a half dozen activities that captivated Zayd and the fourth graders buzzing all around us. They would run off somewhere as a group and Zayd would run with them. He definitely wanted to be part of the crowd.

I had also never seen the Tiny Tots room for 0-36 month old kiddoes. They had a series of drums, light sticks, and a firetruck to play with. Sold. It also offered respite from the throng of 9 year olds running a muck. (They were perfectly sweet and having a great time but they made me feel twice as exhausted.

Then down to the grocery store where Zayd served us all food he "prepared" himself. :) Turns out Zahra loves fish too.

Umma chi had a great time as well.

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