Thursday, March 14, 2013

Zahra is Three Months Old!

How time flies!

My little lollipop has been three months old for four days and I haven't gotten the chance to sit down and write about it!

We got to spend some quality time with our littlest Mammen while Zaydie enjoyed spring break in Houston WITHOUT US! He stayed Sunday night through Wednesday lunch and only ever cried to see Nini or the baby.

Here Zahra is with Nani on her real three month-a-versary.  Notice she is supporting herself on her chubbifying two legs. We are beefing her up the best we can!

Since Zaydie was in Houston on Tuesday, Mommy decided to take the lolli to Baby Story Time at Landa Library. Over the three days, Zahra got a little extra TLC and some one on one time with her adoring parents. It was a bit advanced for her, but she adored being sung to and admired for thirty straight minutes. 

And here she is putting the Asian in South Asian.

Finally, here is Zahra with one of her newest skills - sitting! Thanks go to the Bumbo and its newly improved seat-belt function. (Bumbos were recalled unless you install the free seat belt kit. Just FYI.) We have all noticed that, for the most part, she is never the squeaky wheel and thus often gets overlooked playing quietly in her play gym or bouncer. BUT if you stop to smile at her, it lights up her life! As she is getting older and sturdier I am really working to incorporate her into Zaydie's play as much as possible. His new favorite game is "Hi Baby" while she "sits" across from him. So, we are getting there.

At this age, she loves

  • looking at colorful toys, just like the books say she should (and like Zayd NEVER did)
  • holding something, ANYTHING! A rattle, a blankie, my hair, her binker, she needs something to grasp
  • smiling at you. She has the best wide open, happy-eyed smile ever.
  • sleeping, much more than Zayd ever has
  • going for runs in the double jogger

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  1. How fun to see her likes and personality already coming out! And she's so strong!!