Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Zahra Grabs Hold!

There haven't been nearly enough posts recently because I have just been overwhelmed with exhaustion due to Zayd's new sleeping chaos.

It's really a shame because both kids are sprinting ahead in development. Zayd says a MILLION new words everyday and now will even just repeat what you say! Awesome. I still don't think I have heard an "S" word out of him, save "sssssss" for snake but otherwise there are very few things he can't say. :)

Zahra is getting bigger and more fantastic every day as well. She is happy and reliable! I know that if I let her sleep and feed her on her scheduled time, she will give me around 45 min to an hour of happy play time! This time is great because some of it can incorporate with Zayd but if she is happy, I get a chance to do something creative and "grown up" with Zayd!

Here she is during some of that happy time last week when I got the chance to sit with Zayd and EAT LUNCH! What luxury! And hark! She shocked me. She grabbed hold of *her* (borrowed from the neighbor) musical bird and it started singing. Zaydie immediately climbed on the dining room table to help. I must learn to strap that kid in...