Saturday, March 16, 2013

Potty Learning

Nowadays hippies like me call it potty learning, vice training. I am really ambivalent about what it's called but I don't see a reason to jump off the hippie wagon now.

Today was our first day of potty learning. We decided to start this process today just yesterday evening and our success rate probably reflects that. Here's the deal: when Zaydie was with Nani last week he was playing his new favorite yet-to-be-titled game. It involves crawling out the doggie door, running through the back yard to the human door, through the kitchen, repeat. Nani was enjoying her morning coffee on the patio. When it was time that go meet Nini and uncle Jon for lunch, Nani came inside, found a diaper on the ground, scolded the dog for a pulling it out of trash, and off the duo went. You can guess how this ends, nearly three hours later, Nani goes to change his diaper and hark! He isn't wearing one and hasn't been all morning. But whoops except he had no accidents. Hrmmmm.

Zayd has been trying to potty learn for months but I thought with the new baby coming we shouldn't even try. Changing his diaper has become a huge fight and that means he has spent a few hours naked in the living room. Then yesterday he refused a new diaper but willingly peed in the toilet. Hark! So, today we started.

We had a good morning. We took a morning drive to Target, and picked out ten pairs if underwear: Sesame Street and Thomas the Train. The one hour trip there and back was diaper and accident free UNTIL we pulled into the driveway. The second we turned onto our street, he fell asleep. And you know what happens when a little boy who is holding it falls asleep? The carseat gets wet!

We had one successful potty pee, two bathtub pees, two extra potty attempts and six dirty pairs of underwear.

I'm doing laundry and going to bed.

If we could stick to five accidents a day, we would be able to go two consecutive days...

Also, without a big fluffy butt, I had to pull some twelve month shorts out of the garage and buy belts for his pants. Skinny Minny.

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