Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Montessori in the Home

I want to have purpose to Zayd's play and have been slowly adding Montessori inspired items over the past six months or so. I'm starting to think its time to take the plunge and create a Montessori space. I am torn between going full-on in his bedroom or starting small in the den. I think small might be a good way to ease my way in.

We are about to move Zahra's pack n play (currently in the den - we have never used the thing) out to the garage (or possibly to Craigslist) and I could start my Montessori transformation with just a small corner of the room.

Sam requests that I start with a small area outside on our covered patio. This is actually something that appeals to me. We have a small amount of space on the patio, we do a LOT of messy play, he already has his kitchen out there, and being outside is as natural to Zayd as breathing.

I feel like my life looks like this:

And while some people might crave this:

I'm looking for this:

This blog post has me thinking, what are my goals?
  • Declutter our play space
  • Display the more educational toys that Zayd has so he is drawn to them
  • Create a sense of place and responsibility for returning things to their place (this is a trait I do not have...)
  • Get rid of the plastic! Holy goodness why is everything aimed at our children plastic

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  1. I agree with you on the spaces! I think a more beautiful space makes us want to put things back-adults and kids. Your outdoor space is well on its way-might be a nice start! :)