Saturday, March 23, 2013

Monday Morning

This week I had a terrible Thursday. So it is nice to look back and remember that I had a wonderful Monday morning. We all played outside, we enjoyed the last whisper of winter here in Texas, we had NEW activities, and we learned while we played. 

Notice that Zaydie was able to fill little containers with a scoop of rice and two beans each. Learning through play!

Zahra can't wait for her turn in the rice bin!

 Then we enjoyed a little sun.

Then we worked on following a process by washing our legos. Zayd took each lego, plunged it into the soapy water, scrubbed it with a washcloth, and set it in the colander to dry.

Zayd played by himseldf (independence!) while Zahra and I watched on and offered support for legos well scrubbed!


  1. I love everything about this!!

  2. How could you not? It's 100% you! Sunshine! Learning! and the Z's!